Please leave the lights on for showings (including any hard-to-find ones in the basement)


-showings are usually booked in 1 hour increments. The agent and their client may arrive anytime during that time but are usually gone by the end of the hour

-agents leave their business card so you know they were there. When you get home you can dispose of any cards that have been left (don’t leave on the table for the next showings)

-please put away any small items like jewelry or small electronics. (I’ve never had something go missing during a showing but it’s better to be safe than sorry)

-sometimes people bring their kids on showings and if there are toys in the house the kids may try to play with them. If there are important toys best to tuck them away, again, better safe than sorry

-sometimes people viewing your home may use the bathroom (rare, but it can happen, sorry)

-sometimes people don’t remove their shoes…. again, sorry

-sometimes agents turn off the lights that we have so carefully left on. It’s okay

-sometimes… a door may be left open. This is very rare

-if the door handle on your exterior door does not have a key and needs to be left unlocked for you to get in the house we should put tape on the lock mechanism to prevent agents from locking the door. (as agents leaving a door open is basically our worst nightmare so we lock every exterior door and sometimes people get locked out :s)

-99% of showings go perfectly and all the little sorrys above won’t apply